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Operating an institution without building engineering is simply impossible since it provides numerous functions which are essential in the civilised society. The adequate comfort for the residents such as the quantity and temperature of air, the drinking water and the sewage disposal are provided by the building engineering. The boundless exploitation of fuels and the increasing consumer prices make us to use our resources as efficient as possible.

There are several ways to optimize the energy consumption. The key element is to consume energy with best possible power factor. One of the most crucial aspects in the field of building electricity is the electrical supply. To be able to redesign and select a proper power supply for a building, several aspects need to be investigated such as reliability, flexibility, maintainability, performance, adaptability (scalability) and fitting to the already existing infrastructure.

The primary objective of the energy management is to optimize and reduce the consumption. There are number of possibilities to achieve this goal, but the energetic measuring tools and measuring systems play a crucial role in the the exploration of energetic „weak” links, and the evaluation of the already achieved results. An extensive, comprehensive and valuable result can only be achieved by an integrated measuring system, which includes all used energy agents. This system is able to provide exact information of the energy consumption by collecting local measurements in the particular fields’, facilities’, plants’ and components’ energy consumption; to reveal the lavishing areas, to implement the prompt and transparent energy account within the company.

The main European and national standards methodology, like EN 16247-2, - buildings energy audits, EN 15232 define the buildings technology, automation, controls and management system with affect the efficience, and EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), focusing on a better energy efficience, defining the requirements with guidance for use.

In order to make the work flow more simple and efficient with these standards, we continuously develop our appraising software, mapping all the data and particularities of the institution scanned. This particularities will determine the customized measurement design.

Our policy: Comfort and safety are compatible with energy savings and reliability.

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Our company, the ON-ENERGY Ltd. office is located in Budapest.

Szabolcs Varadi
managing director

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